The Raven’s Landing Studio takes pet portrait commissions! 

How it works:

You contact me, we talk about your pet, we talk about time-frame, I give you a price, and send you a Paypal invoice for half the price. You send me some of your best reference photos. Several photos is preferred, because your painting will be based on at least one of them. If you want a silly painting, I can do that. I will send you a picture of the pencil sketch before putting down paint, and send you a picture of the painting before collecting the second half of the payment. Then, once paid, it’s in the mail on the way to you!


What I use:

Many of my portraits are watercolors, with brush pens and paint occasionally used to bring out the sparkle in your pet’s eyes. I also work with ink pencils. Here is a pair of portraits I did of a lovely little horse named Breeze, on the left is ink pencil, the right is watercolor and brush pen.


What it costs:

Cost will vary depending on the piece–size, number of animals, etc. –but for one original watercolor painted on 7×10 paper (so, roughly 5×7 art space) I charge $75 shipped (inside the US).


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