I bought an orchid at the grocery store awhile back. I’m fairly certain it was last winter, actually. I enjoyed its flowers, and have dumped a splash of water on it roughly once a week ever since. It put out 4 more leaves, and then a few weeks ago started sprouting buds. It’s been so much fun to watch them swell, and this past week they have been bursting open one by one.

I had actually forgotten what color the flowers were.


Field of Roses

I’ve never really ventured into the world of patterns before, what do you think?

Can you believe it, you can buy my art on a bathmatWish it went with the colors in my house! You can find a variety of pillows and stationary at my Society6 shop, and slightly different selection of housewares and stationary at my Redbubble shop.


Flowers are pretty great. It’s hard to keep them alive indoors since there isn’t a lot of direct light–the windowsill below is very popular as one of the few with direct light all morning. I recently found a leafy plant whose care tag said “ambient light” and another that read “minimal light” so I snapped them up and they are doing great. It’s very exciting.

At some point I decided that cut flowers were an OK splurge, and now I almost always have some cut flowers around. Usually astermeria since it has such a long life for a cut flower. Lilies, too.

And sometimes I fall for the miniature roses–they are usually only $4 and I find them very hard to resist, and very hard to keep alive because of the aforementioned dearth of direct light.

Right now I have a pair over the kitchen sink which are recovering from a months long battle with mites (neem oil finally did the trick!) and a new pair in the craft room with it’s bright light. So far they are doing well!

What about you, do flowers follow you home from the grocery store, too?